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Hello everybody! Today I am proud to introduce the new weekly competition called "ParadiseMC Top 5". Every week, we will collect clip submissions of you guys playing on our servers. The best five clips every week will be put into a montage and posted on the SaintNickGamez YouTube channel. 

You could post your ultimate pvp kill, a horrific death, a cool house, a factions raid, a skywars 360 no scope, it can be anything!

Submit your clips now to - Please submit your clips in a link to a youtube video, media fire, dropbox, etc. Leave your in-game username, your youtube channel, and a description of what you are sending. You can edit the videos how you want with funny subtitles. We will also be accepting the ultimate fails ;). The clips must be of you playing on ParadiseMC.

Prizes and rewards will be given out every month for the best clip. People will comment #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. Which every one has the majority of votes will win a special rank, items, and cash!

Hello everyone! I'm really proud to share with all of you the ParadiseMC Server Trailer. For me, this video means quite a few things. Our server started as just a survival server. To see what we have become over the past couple years is truely amazing. I couldn't ask for a better community. Well, maybe a community that doesn't get banned as much but. Just kidding :P. I hope everyone is doing well and I'm thankful to all staff, players, donors, and developers in our community that made this possible. <3

ELLO mate. Today we released the beta for our new minigame lobby /server minigames. We need your help testing it and we need to find some bugs to squash! If you have found any, please comment here with the bug and we shall fix it. You can also get ranks for the minigame lobby by clicking the shop tab. All perks are listed there. Thanks and have a fantastic day!

Hello ParadiseMC! I'd love to have you come join me on my new YouTube channel, SaintNickGamez. We're going to be having a lot of the fun and be doing a lot of cool fan interaction. The channel consists of Minecraft, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, DayZ, and anything else I get my hands on! Lets have a blast, together!

Hey guys! To comply with Mojang's new changes to the EULA, we will no longer be selling in-game currency in our shop (prison dollars, survival coins, etc). Thank you for your understanding! Expect some big things this June including Operation Havoc, and Arcade game mode, and a brand new lobby system! Let's get some hype up in here ;).
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