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Hello islanders!

I'm super excited to announce that we are now working with GamerSupps.GG, an awesome gaming drink that I believe would be excellent for our community! They've hooked us up with a code "PARADISE" to be used for 20% off at checkout. I have personally enjoyed the drink myself, and I hope you guys are able to check it out as well!

Click here to checkout the GamerSupps.GG flavors and selection!

Hello islanders!

Minecraft version 1.10.1 was released today. We do not support this update yet. We will notify you when we do. Please keep a look out on this thread for updates. I hope you are all having a fantastic day on the network!

Hello islanders!

Today, it got crazy to say the least. We hit 564 players online at one time, setting a brand new all time record for our network. Although I was busy changing the servers, fixing them, and attempting to accomodate the player base, I did have some time to truly reflect on the last four and a half years. I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart from allowing me to be such a proud owner of this supportive and loving community. I hope to grow our small community family into an even bigger one, without forgetting about the people that have made this all possible, and for the people that have been here since day one.

We were able to purchase another dedicated machine to balance our load average of the servers. If you noticied any lag today, all of that has been eliminated! I would not be surprised if we hit 1000 players within the next week, so beware. In addition, today @peyyy, our community manager, created some in-depth information on what our cosmetic system entails. Check it out here. I hope you are all having a great day and I will see you all on the server.

Hello islanders!

Thank you so much for your support. Today we have hit 300 players. Last time this happened was about three months ago. We can't thank you enough. Please let us know if you need any help on the server, and let us know what new things you'd like to see added next!

Hey ParadiseMC!

Starting this Saturday, every other week at 12:00PM EST, we will be bringing back the Player & Staff Teamspeak hangouts!

If this event is new to you, here's a list of some of things that will be occuring during these hangouts.

- Taking your suggestions and ideas for the server

- Answering any questions that you may have

- Hearing your opinions for what our server currently has to offer

- Getting to interact with Players and Staff

- Communicating and getting to know others as a community

These hangouts will consist of having a lot of fun and I'm sure there will be a few laughs here and there. We would love to hear what our players would like to see within the server so that we can give you guys the best expierence on ParadiseMC as possible.

We hope to see you there!

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