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Today we are going to try something out that is brand new. Until July 7th, you will be able to apply for staff. We are switching over to staff application sessions. When we need staff again, we will make another post on the website with another seven day period to apply. This will allow us to spend more time looking through applications during this time, rather than "kind of" and "laziilly" looking through applications year round. I highly encourage you to apply as we do need some more members of the community to step up and server Paradise, as well as gain some social skills and work skills just from dealing with situations on the server! It's really awesome. So please click the apply tab and test your luck ;). Thank you all, have a fantastic day!

NOTE - HIGHLY encouraging Freelance and Factions players to apply, these servers need more moderation big time.

Hey everyone! Great to see you all on the server recently. We got back up to 170 players today, and that was really cool to see. In case you have missed some of the updates to the server, remember you can always check them out in video format on my channel here. Additionally, you can read this super duper awesome post I formulated.

  • New OP-Prison with tons of new features
  • Prison release (The Aged Prison)
  • Cops'n Robbers with new spawn and chat format!
  • Tokens on all Prisons
  • Voting on all new servers

Make sure to let me know what you guys are liking and what you guys are not liking, these games are in beta and we would love to fix any issues that you are having. DONORS, make threads on the forums if you have any rank issues, all of them should have been creditted to you, but sometimes it glitches up on the prisons. Have a great day!

This new series will feature all of the new updates on Paradise so that you can stay up to date with everything!

After some long awaited months, we are back with Cops'n Robbers! The gamemode has a new spawn a few other cool updates. We have new chat formatting, hologram technology and some other spectacular features! Come check it out today. Navigate to it by opening the compass in the hub and clicking the iron door!

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dun dun dunnnn
If you kill a warden, you can take their gear.
and hes doesn't have a rank <.<
there some guy aka Bhiltrunner1, running around on cnr with warden gear.. o-o
ok i am on
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