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All of the rank issues that were occuring have been resolved. If you purchased something during this time, go on the server for a few minutes and your packages will be automatically creditted to your account.

Rank upgrades have also been fixed, so if you were being charged full price to upgrade, it has been adjusted on your account to the correct pricing!

Thank you for your patience while we were undergoing weird issues. It shouldn't happen again! <3

Hi everyone!

If you showed up to the first EVER PMC Hangout on TeamSpeak we really appreciate it. The Q/A & suggestion section lasted for nearly an hour which was absolutely unanticipated, yet, reassuring that holding such an event is worthwhile.

We will now try and hold one of these public hangouts once a week. To help us out with scheduling the event, please tell us your timezone, and the best date and time works for you! We'd like to schedule the event so it is convenient for a large amount of people so we can get as good a turnout as possible.

Thanks again guys!

Also, if you didn't join the Steam Group yet, please do!

Hello PMC Community!

Jake here, also known as ndamination5541 and today I have a great announcement! We now have an Official ParadiseMC Steam Group! Use the Steam group as an area of general discussion, a place to meet people, and a way to further enhance your Paradise experience!

As staff members, we will be using the Steam group for server announcements and as an area for public discussion. Keep in mind the the group is in an early stage and as we get more people to join the group it will become a better area for communication and collaboration.

What are you waiting for? Join the group now!

Also, we at PMC are implamenting a whole new weekly event to make the server better! As some of you know, we have a TeamSpeak that is... well... underutilized. We'd like to change that. For now on, we will be hosting a public meeting on the TeamSpeak for anyone to speak their mind about the server, ask questions, and give suggestions to the administrators. Starting THIS THURSDAY, we will be hosting our first PMC public hangout! For more updates on that, stay tuned to the Steam Group and website.

PMC TeamSpeak:

Thanks everyone for being a part of this community and ... Happy Tuesday!?

Hello again, ParadiseMC Community!

In the past few days, we have been starting to revive the Teamspeak (IP - and the servers. Staff members will be on both of these servers most of the time if you ever need help! We're looking forward to see you there!

Click the icons below to join the servers!

Hello ParadiseMC Community! Today is the start of some new staff updates. First, let's go over the recreation of staff teams. The newly created teams are as follows:

  • Orientation/Forums Team
    • Members of this team will deal with assistance of trial moderators and they will deal with forums.
  • Development Team
    • Members of this team will deal with development of the server, including new gamemodes, plugins, etc.
  • Build Team
    • Members of this team will deal with the building of spawns and server decorations.
  • Events Team
    • Members of this team will deal with planning and carrying out server-wide events and giveaways.
  • Quality Assurance Team
    • Members of this team will deal with bug fixing and player support, including the new tickets.

Next, let's go over the upcoming Support Hub. Within the next week, we will have a support hub created which can be found at This support hub will include links to many of the helpful pages on ParadiseMC, and will include the new support tickets. The support tickets can be created at, and a member of the Quality Assurance team will respond as soon as possible.

We hope these new additions will be very benificial to everyone! Have a great day!

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