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Lately, our event team has been working hard to create new events for the ParadiseMC players! We now have a sidebar showing upcoming events, and a calendar which shows all ParadiseMC-related events. That includes all of your birthdays! If you'd like to check out the calendar, go to! Now, there will be staff and player meetups on Teamspeak every other week! In addition to the meetings, we have some more upcoming events that we know you will enjoy! Make sure to check out the "Building in Paradise" competition (which can be found on the sidebar or on the calendar)!

In addition to what's coming soon, we have officially setup a new livestreaming setup and we will go live every Saturday @ 1 PM EST! The administration team will be streaming and giving away one VIP rank on our minigame servers every single time! All you have to do is sign up and show up! Hope to see you all there!


Public Hangout #2

Zcool2000 aSeniorQuality Lead

Tomorrow is going to be our second ever staff-player meeting! The hangout will start at 7:00 PM (EST) on the ParadiseMC Teamspeak. Just click the channel called "Staff/Player Meetings" to join! We'll have a Q&A, talk about the server, upcoming events, and you players will be able to talk to most of the staff team! We can't wait to see you there!

I am very excited to announce that we have deployed 30 arcade servers for you guys to play on. We are starting with three games being Survival Games, Gravity Run, and SkyWars! It's about to be hype, so test while you can! When testing is over, we will be having a release party/stream. Report any bugs for the minigames system here.

Many of you played on our old SkyWars server. If you bought VIP on our old SkyWars server, you have been officially compensated with VIP on all of the hubs, and all of our future minigames displayed under the star in the hub.

We have a new survival games, skywars and gravity run coming out sooner than soon where you will be able to access all of the VIP privelages. Thanks everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

All of the rank issues that were occuring have been resolved. If you purchased something during this time, go on the server for a few minutes and your packages will be automatically creditted to your account.

Rank upgrades have also been fixed, so if you were being charged full price to upgrade, it has been adjusted on your account to the correct pricing!

Thank you for your patience while we were undergoing weird issues. It shouldn't happen again! <3

Guys this is IB.
Some ones got an "Illegal" Potion On Creative
Pepsii it will unban you from the whole server but the hub does not have buycraft so you have to ask a senior or higher to unban you from the hub
You do not have access to shout
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