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Hello everyone! Today we were notified that we have been blocked from Mojang session servers in the next Minecraft update because of selling illegal items that give other players unfair advantages. This means on 1.9.3, you will not be able to connect to ParadiseMC.

We take full blame for this issue and had no intention in causing any harm. We have plans to comply with the EULA by May 10, 2016. With this in mind, we have been in contact with the Mojang Brand Enforcement team and are hoping to create an appeal to allow you guys to keep playing on higher versions of minecraft.

Our new store will consist of crate keys for cosmetics and 6-7 ranks that have cosmetic perks that'll make you look swagerific in game. We hope to give you an update here very soon, just be on the look out for new and exciting updates on the server. Thank you all for your continuous support.

Hello everyone, 

The Paradise merchandise is now on sale! You can purchase today here, pricing is listed below.

T-Shirt ($10.00) Long Sleeve ($15.00) Hoodie ($20.00)

Hey everyone!

I wanted to inform everyone of our cosmetic system that is continuing to evolve every day. Credits can be used to buy keys, hats, particles, titles, mounts, pets and lots more of intricate aesthetics. With our crates going into circulation recently, people have been wondering how to open them. In order to open them, you will have to purchase credits in our webstore here. Crates will give you different tiers of rare, unusual and common items that can be applied to cosmetic items.

But Nick, Nick, I don't have any money to purchase credits! No problem, normal players are still able to earn cosmetics by playing minigames and earning coins, you just won't be able to open crates. Hope you are all having a fantastic week and spring breaks are treating you well!

Hello silly ducklings!

I am proud to announce that we are now fully compatible with 1.9. This includes all of the new features and blocks that 1.9 has to offer. This update is going to allow for new endless possibilities with our global cosmetic system which will include trading and finding rare items in chests. Many of you are upset with this update, and we understand that. We've made every attempt to make 1.9 better for you. With this in mind, all 1.9 combat has been removed from the network! You will still be able to have the same PvP experience that you had in 1.8.

The lovely people at Optifine have also released their first 1.9 version which can be downloaded here!

We thank you for your constant support to Paradise and everything that we do to make the server better for the community. Please report all bugs on our forums if you see anything out of place or have a suggestion to make. Love you all, muy muy!

ParadiseMC is back!

Hello ParadiseMC

So, ParadiseMC has taken quite the beating recently. As you may know, our host experienced difficulties which meant that our servers were offline for a day. This was not the only issue caused by the incident, our security on the server was affected by the crash and unfortunately a group of people took advantage of that.

They then proceeded to grief and exploit our server and so once again we had to take ParadiseMC down to fix everything that was damaged. It's not all bad news however! We have now patched the security issue and fixed the spawns, as well as a brand new oriental themed spawn for our Survival server!

We've also activated a sale as a way to return the favour for your constant support. When checking out in our store use code "1.9" to receive a 50% discount!

We thank you for your patience over the period of downtime and are truly grateful that you continue to come back and support our network!

Many thanks!

- The ParadiseMC team :)

@sillybutts that was a pretty ironic statement
Sillybutts, I warned you for letter dragging which you did do and second, getting in trouble again will result in a perm mute so be careful <3
honestly console is a lil harsh
PLEASE get rid of the console ban/mute/kick/warn. i just got muted for 2 hours for NO DAMN REASON by the console. diddnt swear even once, then liv WARNED me for doing something that i DIDDNT ****ING DO
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