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Hey guys! In preparation for the Spring, we are running a campaign with our new t-shirt design. This tee is fashionable and reflects more than just a mine craft server. Order yours now to get it in time for Spring Break! Check it out here

This year in the ParadiseMC Community, we are offering a special holiday package that only costs $5! 100% of the profits from this package will go directly to helping families during this holiday season. This essentially means we will go out and buy food, toys, and necessities for the less fortunate with the amount of money we generate. Please consider purchasing and helping out at

Please understand that even though the $5 is a minimum, we really would appreciate it if you give more than just the required $5. It feels cool to achieve this package, but it also feels even better to give. We will give you recognition on the website, and in-game with a cool [Charity] suffix on any of the servers that you wish. This project is being done through the Family Life Insurance Society. Pictures of delivery, receipts and all of the items we purchase can be posted if necessary!  We will definitely be sharing pictures :). This is our way of giving back this holiday season.


The family:

The family is a family of five, a father, mother, 11 year old boy (who loves minecraft), a 9 year old girl, and a new born.


  • 5 Pets of your choice on any server
  • [Charity] Suffix on any of our servers (4 max, can't do lobby, sorry!)
  • Recognition on our website
  • In-game recognition with your player head in the lobby
  • Join our christmas livestream, play with Nick and others via skype
  • PLEASE email after you've made your payment to specify your package.
  • ANY DONATION OVER $100 WILL GET A COUPLE DOZEN COOKIES BAKED BY NICK & HIS ELVES **NOTE you will need to specify your address and any food alergies/your favorite flavor in the email.
Note - if you would like to be anonymous, please email
  1. Davis960 - $5
  2. tatties2 - $10
  3. Umbrella_Corp_99 - $10
  4. naikarrah - $5
  5. meloncupcake3323 - $5
  6. Cjb9622 - $5
  7. CubixPlaysMC - $9
  8. ReddogzFilmz - $5
  9. nolat72 - $3.75
  10. konic899 - $3.75
  11. Dragonmatt99 - $2
  12. Patty2 - $2.50

Total = $66.00

Extra Money Donated = $234.00

Live Event

Sunday at 1 PM EST (Feb 1), we will be doing a community stream to bring the community together for a fun day of activities. It's going to be easy going, just playing games with each other. I will be giving out ten $10 rank coupons and a ParadiseMC Tee! Meet us at the event here a few minutes early!

You may be wondering how to enter the giveaway, here is how. We only have one way of doing it as it is the most fair and secure way.

  1. Follow @PMC_Network
  2. Tweet us saying: "@PMC_Network Minecraft Server -"
  3. You will automatically be entered into the competition
  4. The drawing will be done live in the stream and you will be able to see everyones names

During this stream, we will potentially be beta testing our new arcade system that has been in development for over a year. Jonthespartan29 has been hard at work to get an excellent game system out for you all. We will also be highlighting some new 2.0 features. Thank you all and have a fantastic day!

Hey guys! Today I have been working with Jake, or ndamination5541 to make a t-shirt store really nice clothing items. You can check it out for yourself here:

Hey guys! Nice to see you guys are still enjoying Paradise. As you may have seen, we are attempting to pull off one of our biggest updates yet. The whole goal is to re-create Paradise with some new custom features, builds/spawn points, and just an overall new look at some of our old servers. We really need your help for suggestions for this update. We are going to make sure that servers are at 100% working condition before release, which is something we have lacked in the past. In addition, we will be releasing the long awaited minigame fleet. We currently have Gravity Run, Dragon Rampage, Nuke Blocks, Survival Games, SkyWars, Capture The Flag, Ultra Hard Core, Hide'n Seek, the long awaited Operation Havoc, and potentially Quake Craft for the future. We are super excited about these games and we hope you are too. Please submit comments below of bugs, issues, new games, or suggestions you have for the Paradise 2.0 update. We are very sorry for the lack of updates lately. Although there have been numerous false rumors recently, always remember, ParadiseMC is going no where anytime soon, just like we've said from the start of our server on January 9th, 2012. We hope to offer fun games for the community enjoy forever! #LongLiveParadise.

In addition, our 32% off sale is still going, and is ending soon! Click the shop tab for more information. Thanks a lot everyone!
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