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New Build Team application!

Hello ParadiseMC!

Recently our Build Lead (Romao1056) has been looking for ways to change and improve the way we handle Build Team applications. We're proud to announce that we have now made the changes to the applications which can be found here. The update to the application has removed irrelevent / pointless questions and has instead added more useful and engaging questions.

The way we collect proof has also changed, now you are required to post images of you proof (like before) as well as the coordinates to your Creative plot where the staff can look at your build to confirm the proof of work you submitted is actually yours. We ask that if you are going to use your plot as proof of your build that it was built only by you. These changes allow us to confirm the credibility of your proof. Below you can find the questions we removed and the questions that have changed / been added.

Removed questions:

"What country do you live in?"

"What state or province do you live in?"

"Do you work well in teams or do you work better alone, and why?"

Changed / Added questions:

"Why should we pick you for this position?" changed to "What can you bring to the team as a builder?"

"Proof of work cont." changed to "Provide the coordinates to your Proof Build plot on our Creative server below:"

With this application change we hope to improve the quality of our Builders that are accepted as well as challenge you (the community) when it comes to applying for a position on our Build Team.

Good luck to future applicants and enjoy the rest of your day!

ParadiseMC Apparel Line 2016 Limited Edition!

Hello everyone! I am excited to introduce our 2016 apparel line. In the past, we have released many different tshirt designs, but we are certain this new design will be the best, . Purchasing anything from our shirt store will give you an exclusive chance to be entered into a drawing. This drawing will give five random people a $100 ParadiseMC giftcard! You can easily purchase now by clicking herePLEASE NOTE: if you would like your shirt signed by SaintNickGamez and Vyzon, please email us right after you purchase your shirt saying you would like that done!

Player and Staff Hangouts are back!

Every Sunday at 11:00AM EST, there will be a player and staff hangout. These hangouts include some Q&A with the staff team, player suggestions, and time to hangout with the staff members and play on the arcade! Remember to bring all of your suggestions, as we will be writing each and every one down and then discussing them! We hope to see you there!

The ParadiseMC TeamSpeak:

Hello ParadiseMC Community! The holiday season is around the corner, with the help of some of the build team and discussions with the current event team, we’ve planned a few events for all of you to enjoy and to participate in. After much planning and consideration, we've come up with two main events that we think you're going to enjoy!

The Staff PvP Tournament

Some of the staff team will take part in a dueling competition in a knockout-round tournament on our KitPvP server, the last two standing will battle it out, using kit gear until one of them is crowned victorious. You may all come to spectate this tournament taking place and watch the current staff team fight it out. Make debates with the staff team and with the community on TeamSpeak, where we will all be discussing the duels! You will be able to warp to two arenas and spectate different matches taking place.

The Holiday Build Battle

The community will have 25 minutes to build their best possible “Holiday” themed build. Players will be assigned plots by the staff team and the builds will be judged on originality, creativity, technique, etc. You must start the build on a fresh plot. This will take place on our Creative server. The top three builds will be awarded prizes at the end of the event. You may also join us on our TeamSpeak server to participate in communicating with staff, builders and the community.

The date and times to these events may be found on the calendar: For those who are new to our TeamSpeak the IP address is: I look forward to seeing you all at these events, happy holidays!

We are selling gift cards for the Holiday season. If you are interested, please check it out here. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your child or a friend!

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