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Thank you all so much for your support this weekend, it's been amazing and we love you all. Be sure to join the website and suggest things to be added or fixed. Thanks again <3.

What's going on you coconuts?! Today I am happy to announce that you will no longer lag on skyblock. The optimization team fixed every issue on the server. We've been running at a steady 20 TPS and sometimes even 20.03 TPS!

What is TPS? It's an abbreviation for Ticks Per Second. There are 20 ticks every second, and if your server is not ticking at 20 ticks, it causes people to lag, the server to respond slower and makes block breaking and chat much slower. Now, we are close to perfect on offering no lag on skyblock. This was possible because of all of you, so thank you for your support!

This weekend we were in and out as far as server uptime. I'm very pleased to announce after staying up overnight until about 9 AM with Matt, we were able to fully mitigrate our network over to a brand new machine. Paradise was running on equipment that was rather outdated, our new dedicated server has to date technology offering some of the newest and best processors and ram around. Our machine now has 256GB of RAM, and two SSDs offering the absolute maximum speed for you all.

As far as connection and server lag, it should for the most part be eliminated. However, getting a brand new machine is not always the solution to fixing and removing all of the lag. All of our servers usually run at about 18-20 ticks per second which is excellent. However, Skyblock always seems to bring us down. We have officially hired out an optimization team to go through skyblock and make it absolutely perfect, and to run at 20 TPS compared to it's sometimes 9 TPS. You will notice this change sometime throughout this week.

Now that we have grade-A technology, we can focus more on you all and suggestions that you have for the network. Please follow the post below to learn more about how you can make a change and get something fixed or added to Paradise. I believe that is about it everyone, thanks for being awesome, and have a fantastic day! :)

Hey everyone! We need suggestions more than ever as we are trying to bring our server to a perfected state. Here is the link of what we have gathered from you all so far. Please comment below the server and suggestion/bug and it may be added to the list! Click here to see the document.

Hello everyone, would just like to update you on the current factions situation. We are currently working extremely hard to push a new factions server by the end of the week with custom terrain, crates, supply drops, custom enchantments and much more. These new features that @Vyzon has been implemented have been awesome! We are super excited to hangout with you all on the new server. We have a livestream event planned for Sunday at 3 PM EST. Be there for the envailing of the new server, as well as some potential giveaways and fun with the staff streamers!

Thank you all for your support over the past three years, I can never thank you all enough for making us the community that we are today!

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